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Police Criminal Record Certificate Application Procedure

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1. About Keelung
2. Chief Executive
3. Location
4. Organization
5. Laws
  5-1. Law of Nationality
  5-2. Immigration Law
  5-3. The Enforcement Regulation of the Immigration Law
  5-4. Regulation Governing Visiting,Residence and Permanent Resident of Alien
  5-5. Extracts of Immigration Law
  5-6. Flow Chart of Naturalization Application and Household Registration of R.O.C. for Foreign Nationals Married to R.O.C. Citizens
  5-7. Handbook of Living Information for Foreign Spouses in Taiwan
6. Others
keelung city police bureau logo Address: No.205, Xin 2nd Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City 201, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (Zip Code 20147) - Tel 02-24268181 ~ 5 (can be transferred to the Council and units)
Service Hours: 08:00 ~ 17:30
Information for Foreigners in Taiwan: Domestic 0800-024-111, Overseas 886-800-024-111
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