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The requirements are as follows:

  1. A completed application form. (Applicants will need to submit a power of attorney with your signature and stamp included on the form if you are authorizing an individual to represent you.)
  2. Applicants must present the following proof of identification:
    • Domestic applicants: An original R.O.C. ID. An original or copy of the passport photo page is needed for a Police Criminal Record Certificate with an English name on it.
    • Overseas Taiwanese Citizens: A copy of a valid R.O.C issued passport.
    • Citizens of Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau: An original Exit & Entry Permit for the Taiwan Area of the Republic of China or a Permanent Resident Certificate.
    • Foreign nationals residing in Taiwan: An original passport or Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).
  3. Fee:
    • Domestic applicants: NT$100 per certificate, EasyCard now accepted.
    • Overseas applicants: US$ 7.00 per certificate (CASH ONLY).

Applicants from Hong Kong or Macau: US$6.00 per certificate.

  1. If you authorize an individual to represent you on your behalf, you must submit a valid power of attorney with your signature and stamp included on the application form authorizing that individual. Authorized individuals must present proof of identity when picking up a certificate.
  2. Overseas applications: a copy of the passport or an Alien Resident Certificate that is authenticated or notarized by R.O.C. embassies or consulates, Straits Exchange Foundation or other relevant notary public abroad.

The applicants can get the application form at:

  1. The Foreign Affairs Section, Keelung City Police Bureau (No.205, Xin 2nd Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City 201, Taiwan (R.O.C.); Tel: 02-2425-2787).
  2. The application page of the National Police Agency Website at

No, crimes committed under the age of 18 won’t be listed in the Police Criminal Record Certificate.

All interested and concerned parties can apply for reviews, pictures, on-site photographs and other relevant information 7 days after the vehicular accident and can also apply for the Initial Analysis of Traffic Accident to determine the liability 30 days after the vehicular accident at the Traffic Police Brigade of Keelung City Police Bureau (Address: No.6, Yi 5th Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City 201, Taiwan (R.O.C.); Tel: 02-2423-2151).

  • Analyze liability based on information gathered at the accident scene:
  • At the time of traffic accident, the police will make a detailed inquiry about the accident from parties concerning vehicles’ directions, relative positions, traffic signals, responsibilities of traffic violations, and results of sobriety tests.
  • Interview the witnesses and investigate the relevant evidence:
  • If there is no security camera around the accident scene, the police will enquire witnesses and investigate relevant pieces of evidence, such as the relative position and pattern of vehicles, the degree of damage to each vehicle, the distribution of scattered objects, scratch and scrape marks, as well as paint, skin or blood transfer on the vehicles or ground, and etc. Then, the police can understand any possible cause and course of the accident and clarify the accident liability for follow-up actions.
  • Security camera is one of the tools for analyzing accident liability:
  • If the security camera has captured the accident, the police will definitely access the footage to determine the facts of the accident and clarify the liability. On the other hand, the police can analyze the accident liability through the above methods if the footage around the accident scene is not taken.
  • Professionalism and credibility:
  • The police are still able to carry out the analysis of accident liability with their professional skills and credibility if there is no security camera around the accident scene. Hence, security camera footage is not an indispensable tool.

Shall domestic violence occurs, contact 110 or 113 for help and request police officer to come to the crime scene. After domestic violence occurred, go to the police station and report the case, the police officer will fill out a "domestic abuse investigation form" and notify the Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse prevention Center.

If you left something in the taxi, please contact the Police Broadcasting Service of National Police Agency by calling (02)2388-0066. When a taxi driver finds property in his or her taxi, they will hand it to a local police station.


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Information for Foreigners in Taiwan: Domestic 0800-024-111, Overseas 886-800-024-111

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